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I am eternally grateful to the team of supervisors that helped me along my journey to becoming a clinical social worker. I could never have dreamed or imagined a better group of people, organizations, and supportive networks than those with whom I came into contact. The knowledge, skills, and experience shared made me a better clinician and person. Your guidance and support helped me through tough times, kept me sane throughout the pandemic, and was a continual reminder to never lose faith in humanity. 

There are many people who touched my life during these last few years; however, I want to acknowledge two people specifically that stuck with me until the end of this journey and remain as mentors. 

K Lane.png

Kenyona Lane LCSW
K Lane & Associates LLC
(704) 323-8708

Your cheerful, smiling and always positive support has been a consistent guiding force as I learned to become the clinician. Thank you.

M Woods_edited.jpg

Mary Woods, LCSW
Chozes, LLC

Thank you, for sharing your extensive knowledge of social work theory and practice. I was fortunate to be blessed with your teaching background and clinical experience to deepen my knowledge and skills in the therapeutic process.

M Woods.png
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