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The Anxious New Therapist

Updated: Mar 28



Learn what it really takes to build your private practice.

Are you about to take your license exam or have you recently become licensed and are scratching your head trying to understand the next steps to fulfilling the dream of becoming a private practice therapist. All the information comes at your fast and without much detailed explanation. I will take a deep dive into each step providing how to, interviews with therapist who are moving through each step and with the people in the know within organizations that are key to your private practice success. I will be tackling such topics as what does it really mean to be paneled with an insurance provider and who to apply for credentialing with the top 5 plans in the DMV region. Before you can even start credentialing there are many more steps that no one discusses.

Look for my new podcast scheduled to start May 2022 with biweekly topics important to helping you understand how to successfully transition from being a student to being successful on your own. For free, no membership or mentor fees required.

I learned the hard way through trial and error, and I want to prevent you from walking blindly into this difficult maze. Follow me on twitter @therapeutyque and be the first to know when each podcast is released #theanxiousnewtherapist.

Rachel Henry, LCSW, CCTP II

Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist, Coach

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