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Rachel Henry,

I am a results-oriented psychotherapist with over ten years of experience. Driven by a passion for helping people break through the barriers of their past. I work with clients who are committed to transforming their lives. Whether it is past mistakes, missed opportunities, or various types of trauma, I believe that our past does not have to be an obstacle but a launching pad to becoming the best version of ourselves. We need to embrace a future where we are unburdened by our experiences to begin the healing process.

As a compassionate counselor I try to provide a space were clients feel welcomed and understood, I connect with people from various backgrounds, helping them unravel the deeply entrenched inhibiting beliefs and formulate an actionable plan to live a life they want and deserve. My services are founded on a lifetime of experiences and backed by practical and effective leading-edge interventions designed to help you align your mindset and actions to your life goals. I offer a non-judgmental, safe space where each person feels comfortable to be their authentic selves, become aware of their unconscious thought patterns, and harnesses the power within to heal from their past experiences.

I work with adults in individual and group therapy, providing training and workshops in the community enabling people to understand their diagnosis, anxiety and depression disorder, and the impact of past trauma on everyday functionality.

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Virginia and Washington DC, CCTP-II, Certified Coach. A graduate of George Mason University's Masters of Social Work program, as well as, Old Dominion University's Psychology and Human Services bachelors programs.

Nothing in my career gives me more joy than seeing my clients transform from having self-doubt to self-confidence, fear to freedom, and stagnation to thriving.

Therapeutyque Counseling Solutions
Therapeutyque Counseling Solutions
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